Your Ultimate Marketing Tool

EchoApp changes the way you have envisioned direct to customer messaging. It is easy, requires zero implementation effort and makes your campaigns 10X powerful.

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No Limits

There are no limits on group creation, campaign creation, members or messaging

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Multi-Channel Broadcasting

Single-screen Broadcast to SMS, Email, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Telegram, Line and many more

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Preferred Channel Prediction

Based on channel, time of the day, and content type, EchoApp predicts preferred channel of the end user.

EchoApp Features

With it's AI/ML driven technology, EchoApp brings you the top-of-the-line feature sets to suit your communication needs

Simple Design

Users prefer familiarity and intuitive design. A Gartner survey indicates that the best way to increase loyalty is by reducing user efforts. EchoApp follows the Minimalistic design principal all through in its product flow. It looks like any popular Chat application but transforms the game with its power-packed features.

It also means that EchoApp requires no user training effort. Anyone can start using EchoApp in under 5 mins if ever they have used any chat application.

Multi Channel Broadcaster

Welcome to the world of Simple Broadcasting. Gone are the days of taining for multiple platforms separately. With a Single screen, EchoApp allows you to run campaigns on SMS, Email, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Telegram, Line, WeChat, Instagram Messenger and others

EchoApp requires no user training effort. Anyone can start using EchoApp in under 5 mins if ever they have used any chat application.

Group Addition

With Bulk Member addition through Excel as well as single member additions, adding large number of members have never easier. You can Add any number of members, arrange them in groups and assign roles group wise.

Admin members can launch new campaigns and start new threads of conversations, members can read messages or respond to the messages if allowed.


You must have used tool like Hootsuite, Buffer, Later and the like for scheduling social media campaigns. Now, experience the same ease with EchoApp for your BTL campigns by using a simple yet intuitive scheduler to run your Drip Marketing Campaigns.

You get a monthly, weekly and daily view to have a better view of your campaigns across a period.

Campaign Dashboard

With its deep and insightful dashboard, EchoApp sets itself apart in totality. You know the groups, campaigns, engagement level, response level, most productive channels and channel-wise read reports. It makes your campaign planning absolutely power-packed.

Customer behaviour is the final testament of profile bucket they should reside in for CVM. EchoApp focuses on actual behaviour and derives profiling basis the behaviour. Additionally, it uses NLP for predicting intent.

AI Driven Preferred Channel Dashboard

EchoApp's patent protected AI determines the user's preferred channel. 84% of all marketing communication sent over messaging apps are never opened and one of the primary reasons is wrong channel targetting. EchoApp looks at improving the same in a very simple but power packed way.

This provides meaningful tools and decision points for supercharging your marketing campaigns. Using EchoApp as the primary tool, you can expect to up your open rate by 400 to 600% from the current levels.

Multiple uses of Echoapp

The usecases of EchoApp are as many as you can imagine. It is a powerful, intuitive and flexible tool to aid attainment of your KPIs.
Client Acquisition
Client Acquisition

EchoApp is an effective Customer Acquisition tool that allows to reach out to your prospects where they are without using competing networks.

Customer Loyalty Management
Customer Loyalty Management

Through a simplistic Multichannel access clients can be engaged with easily. Brand engagement expands profitably.

Awareness Campaigns
Awareness Campaigns

With the NO-LIMIT possibility, the brands are able to run brand awareness campaigns giving them a new way to reach out to the target market

Our Clients Feedback

EchoApp is trusted by many in their respective environments.

The idea is uniformally perceived as a new thought and useful.

EchoApp made our whole process of internal and client communications easy. I think we are yet to discover in full where all we can use EchoApp to enhance sales, brand value and productivity. Keep it up team.

Amit Yadav
Admin Head